Hydro Muscle Max

Hydro Muscle Max

Among the products that stood out in the development of a workout supplement, is Hydro Muscle Max which consolidated its name a few years on the market, showing excellence and credibility not only in its line of supplements but in all your other supplements.

Hydro Muscle Max

But without a doubt, the flagship product of the company over the years has been and is the Hydro Muscle Max, a workout supplement intended for those who want to build muscle mass efficiently, practice, no side effects and especially fast. But gaining mass fast is not harmful? Actually yes, but when they have done the wrong way.

Hydro Muscle Max combines synergistically selected compounds to achieve this goal in a short period, and especially preserving their health and muscle mass, making your dream come true. And if that was not enough already preparing a product of such finesse and precision, USP Labs decided to go beyond and to launch the powder product, Hydro Muscle Max. And what are the advantages of it? As it can be advantageous and especially and most importantly, preserving their health and muscle mass, making your dream come true.

What is Hydro Muscle Max?

Hydro Muscle Max was created in order to prevent and treat the loss of muscle mass. It can also be used in replacement of testosterone treatment for sarcopenia, atrophy, etc. Moreover, it exerts its anabolic effects, almost exclusively in muscle tissue, proving to be an excellent choice for bodybuilders and bodybuilding athletes.

Have you ever heard of SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators)? Well, these are supplements that have the ability to bind to the androgen receptor, like many hormones do, but unlike the synthetic anabolic steroids, this supplement is your connection to a more selective way and without any side effects. It’s almost as if you were using an anabolic steroid and does not have side effects such as the growth of the prostate, acne, gynecomastia, etc.

Androgenic receptors are responsible for receiving signaling and promoting effects such as sexual maturation, stimulating the gonads and have a direct action on muscle and bone tissue. When activated, these receptors have the capacity to stimulate these tissues, making them enter the process of growth (hypertrophy). And that’s where Hydro Muscle Max stands out because the gains from this supplement will be almost entirely of lean muscle mass. There are reports that use of on an 8-week cycle earnings reached 3.5 kg of lean body mass.

How Hydro Muscle Max works?

Compared to synthetic anabolic steroids, SARMs as Hydro Muscle Max, it does not convert to DHT and also not aromatize. This causes side effects become minimal and / or reduced to almost zero. Moreover, it does not stimulate feedback mechanisms and does not cause testosterone oppression nor the HTPA axis.

Basically, it stimulates the receptor while not exert any effect itself that generates side effect, which is great. And this stimulus is not little: Hydro Muscle Max can increase by 50% the effectiveness of androgen receptors. Some speculations also show that it is able to “recycle” the androgen receptors, causing someone using exogenous hormones (external) have even more benefits.

With a half-life of about 24 hours, it is highly easy to be consumed, since it does not require doses throughout the day. It is desirable that it is just used with TPC (post-cycle treatment) in order to optimize the body’s recovery process.

What are the key actions of Hydro Muscle Max?

From promise to reality: Knowing Hydro Muscle Max, when it was launched a few years ago, more like a promise than any shadow results. In fact, what motivated most people to consume the product was just the words about a quick muscle mass, significant and mostly just body fat and not other important tissues such as muscle mass. This is because of most products on the market, bringing very potent formulas, but highly catabolic to muscle mass.

Thus, even were the individual gain mass (not as fast as this supplement promised, did and still do), but half was muscle mass. And the rest, only water and a little body fat, itself. With the arrival of Hydro Muscle Max, the surprise began to be great to start is always the positive reports of the product. It seemed unreal, but the extent to which most people used the product and proving its benefits, the reality was inevitable.

But ultimately, what is Hydro Muscle Max? Among other words, the product is not intended to the combination of ingredients that are merely stimulants, although they exist and also are important in the product.

Hydro Muscle Max – Better option to gain mass

But more than that, Hydro Muscle Max provides compounds which are possibly active in processes that promote muscle building, itself. And that’s what makes it so effective. It has compounds which are capable of inhibiting the specific enzymes which promote muscle building and / or avoid it to be prevented.

It is a great supplement, complete with items specially dedicated to practicing strength sports. However, it is a supplement that has unfortunately not one of the best benefits as compared to costs. However, Hydro Muscle Max is still a good option to make your workouts and also your health much better. Furthermore, it acts on specific receptors for that purpose, such as alpha-2 receptors to inhibit the muscle building process. Thus interrupting the connection at these locations, it can become an effective in stimulating muscles, along with the other ingredients.

But the benefits do not stop there: it can also be used as a pre-workout supplement because it shows fatigue inhibitors and compounds which improve focus and concentration.

Ingredients of Hydro Muscle Max?

  • L-Arginine: It is a xanthine used for many years in medicine even for people with a diverse variety of purposes. Specifically the product, it has the function of stimulating the process, which stimulates process and, therefore, effective fat burning. Moreover, it helps to keep the energy levels in the body and especially helps reduce fatigue centers and peripheral, and is diuretic, which will improve your muscle definition, being an ally and both pre-training and weight loss ;
  • L-Taurine: It helps to control glucose in the body and thus improves the insulin responses, increasing the inhibitory process of lipogenesis;
  • Citrulline Malate: Used for years in Chinese medicine, it is widely used in supplements in which aim to improve body mass, and enhances the function of beta-2 agonists;
  • Pure Nitric Oxide: You also used for years, it helps control appetite, increases the stimulation of mass and contributes to blocking It is also being used to reduce fatigue during physical activity;
  • Pure Super Molecule: It is responsible for bequeathing fatty acids into cells and mitochondria so that they are beta-oxidized and generate energy. It makes the process of using body fat as energy to be more effective.

Advantages of using Hydro Muscle Max

All the advantages of traditional Hydro Muscle Max contemplated in the powdered version, it still has benefits such as faster absorption and better utilization of nutrients by higher enzymatic contact easier consumption (many people have trouble with capsules) and tastes extremely pleasant.

The reality is that for sure does not know the power of this substance until there are enough studies. However, we always meet some of its main points to judge whether it or not worth its use.

The key benefits are:

  • Increase lean muscle mass;
  • Increased strength;
  • Increased aerobic and anaerobic capacity;
  • Increase the body’s healing ability;
  • Single daily oral dosage;
  • Anabolic even at low dosages.

Side effects with Hydro Muscle Max?

People sensitive to stimulants or who have liver and kidney problems should not eat the product. This is because, stimulants cause changes, especially in sleep, and compounds such as L-Arginine may be harmful to some tissues already damaged, such as liver and kidney, already mentioned. It is also not a supplement that must be used near the sleep period.

How to use Hydro Muscle Max?

The product should be taken in the portion of 1 to 2 cups with 250-500ml of water 30 minutes before training. Unlike the version capsules, the dosages need not be taken more than once a day, giving more convenience to the product. It can be used only on training days.

Remember to not exceed this dosage, do not mix other stimulants compounds with the product and ingest a daily amount of water slightly larger than when not using the product. And then, what do you expect to optimize your performance and burn fat much faster and make your dreams come true?


We can reach the conclusion that Hydro Muscle Max is the “perfect” supplement for those seeking increased muscle mass, without side effects. But we must be careful because this is a substance that is still being studied and despite the progress achieved, much remains to be known and tested so we can have total security on it.

However, as we show it pays to be used and its return in better health and better muscle gains is notable. So if you have conditions, I do not think 2 times, go to Hydro Muscle Max!